Medical Term Meaning
Alopecia loss of hair
Amenorrhea amnesia, absence or suppression of menstruation.
Anorexia loss of appetite
Arthritis inflammation of a joint, accompanied by pain, swelling and structural changes.
Ascites edema, accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity
Bronchitis inflammation of mucous membrane of bronchial tubes
Catarrah inflammation of mucous membrane of head and throat, severe spells of coughing with little or no expectoration
Cholera acute infection of small bowel with profuse watery diarrhea and vomiting.
Constipation difficult passage of stools
Consumption wasting disease-tuberculosis
Coryza acute inflammation of nasal mucosa with profuse nasal discharge
Debility weakness in tonicity in functions or organs of the body
Dyspepsia indigestion, imperfect & painful digestion
Dysuria difficult and painful urination
Eczema acute or chronic cutaneous inflammation with itching
Epilepsy recurrent convulsive seizures, characterized by sudden, brief attacks of altered consciousness, motor activity or sensory phenomenon.
Filariasis a chronic disease due to one of the filariae species.
Flatulence excessive gas in stomach & intestines
Geriatric concerning the treatment of old aged.
Gonorrhea specific, contagious, inflammation of genital mucous membrane
Gout hereditary metabolic disorder, with inflammation of joints with deposition of uric acid salts.
Hematemmesis hemoptysis, vomiting of blood
Hemiplegia paralysis of only one half of the body.
Hemorrhoids piles, a mass of dilated, tortuous veins in the anorectum involving the venous plexus.
Insomnia disorders of initiating or maintaining sleep.
Leukorrhea white or yellowish mucous discharge from the cervical canal or vagina.
Lumbago non specific dull aching pain in the lumbar region (lower back)
Mania psychosis, mental disorder characterized by excessive excitement.
Menorrhagia excessive menstrual bleeding, either in number of days or amount of blood or both.
Metrorrhagia bleeding from uterus, at any time other than during the menstrual period.
Micturition urination
Migraine unilateral headache accompanied by vision & GI disturbances
Oligomenorrhea scanty or infrequent menstrual flow.
Paraplegia paralysis of lower part of the body & both legs
Pediatric concerning the treatment of children
Prolapse dropping down of an internal organ such as uterus or rectum
Pruritus sever itching, could be due to allergic response or emotional factors.
Psoriasis a chronic skin disease, itchy, located on the scalp, knees, elbows, umbilicus and genitalia.
Puerperal concerning puerperium (period of 42 days following childbirth)
Rheumatism acute & chronic inflammation, stiffness & soreness of muscles and pain in joints.
Rickets osteomalacia, deficiency of Vit.D resulting in abnormalities in shape & structure of bones in children.
Schizophrenia disorders of thinking, affects and behavior of unknown etiology.
Sciatica severe pain in the leg, felt at the back of the thigh running down the inside of the leg.
Sinusitis inflammation of paranasal sinus
Spermatorrhea abnormally frequent involuntary loss of semen without orgasm.
Spondylitis inflammation of one or more vertebrae
Sprue characterized by weakness, weight loss, impaired absorption of glucose, fats and vitamins
Syphilis infectious, chronic veneral disease
Tuberculosis a highly infectious disease caused by tubercle bacillus, mainly of respiratory system.
UTI urinary tract infections