Miscellaneous Preparations


Ingredients: neem oil, milk fats

Indications : habitual & threatened abortions, menstrual disorders viz. menorrhagia, metrorrhagia

Dosage : 6 drops (2 ml approx.) once daily on empty stomach, with milk/sugar

Presentation : 30 ml PEJ bottle

KRIMIGHATINI (For external use only)

Indications: ringworm, dhobie itch, athletes’ foot, cracked palms and soles

Directions : after cleaning & drying the affected area, apply a thin film of Krimighatini

Presentation : 10 gm PEJ jar


Ingredients: kola

Indications : whooping cough and dry cough in children

Dosage : up to 1 yr : 5 ml max/day; 1-5 yrs : 10 ml max/day, all in 6-8 divided doses

Presentation : 100 ml PEJ bottle, 400 ml PEJ bottle